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Stavrakiz is the sound Alchemist behind a unique fusion of Organic house and Afro House music, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern culture and the vibrant rhythms of Africa. His tracks, released on labels such as Lavenir Music, Cosmic Awakenings, and Cafe De Anatolia, are a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical influences into a cohesive and captivating auditory experience. Supported by an array of esteemed DJs including Fka Mash, Lemurian, Kasango, Drush(Fr),Unders, Alex Twin, Hot Oasis, Citizen Deep, Dj Phellix, Mark Di Meo, Chris IDH, and many more, Stavrakiz has earned recognition for his innovative approach to production and his knack for crafting infectious beats that resonate with audiences worldwide. A true visionary in the realm of electronic music, Stavrakiz's compositions are a reflection of his passion for cultural exploration and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of genre conventions. With each release, he invites listeners on a journey of discovery, where traditional melodies intertwine with modern rhythms to create a sound that is both timeless and exhilarating.

Stavrakiz: Artists
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