Mondo is a Music Producer based in the island of Cyprus .Music has a big influence in his daily life, he’s been producing music since 2012 and he managed to produce music for a lot of local and international artists. From 2012 until 2017 he mainly produced Hip-Hop music. Then his love for the music scene made him explore more music genres such as Deep House, EDM, Pop, Progressive House and cultures such as Balkan,Middle East,Indian and African. The main characteristics of his music is the melodic structure of a song and ambience chords. Some of his influences in music are Scott Storch,KSHMR,Camelphat and Yanni. In this period we will catch Mondo to mainly produce Progressive House.After a lot of failure and rejections by record labels he started his own independent record label “Lavenir Music”. The main goal of "Lavenir Music" is to spread positivity and good vibes to the world.
When we asked Mondo what is his main goal the answer was that “music changed my life , i have to give something back”.